As young Chopper surfaced to the morning sun cutting through the torn net curtains he turned to be met by a pair of feet, one with a sock, one without. This accelerated his thinking to recall where, when and what happened the night before? He peered over the blanket to see at the other end of the bed, hung on the wrought iron bed post a black leather jacket and a T-shirt that could do with a clean, covered in beer stain and sweat and several blood stains as well. Chopper checked to see if he was cut but all was intact, so with that he pulled the covers to inspect the noisy creature at the other end of the feet. First the untidy hair do, followed the noisy volume rise, just as the hairy dude gave a jump and in turn shook the bed frame and that dislodged the guitar that was resting on the leather jacket on the bed post which crashed to the floor with a din that brought cries of “Ahhhhh, what the . . .. .” from the other side of the room and this girl with very messy blonde hair submerged from the covers on the couch at the same time ejecting a guy with Y-fronts and one black sock, Chopper was beginning to think it was a trend. “Hi Mac, you’ve still got a sock on” said Chopper, “Yea! My feet were cold but Johnny’s go the other one” strangely this was all making sense and the recollection of what had gone the night before was returning, well bits of it any way! Just then the slowly wakening Johnny was greeting the world and rose up on his elbows with a stupid grin on his face, then the awareness of the throbbing pain that was initiated by the gash on his fore head and slowly disappeared below the blanket, head in hands and gave a moan. “Com’ on” shouted Mac, “That’s what you get for walking into the Ladies toilet” Chopper couldn’t wait to hear “was he accosted then?” “No way he hit the door as he tried to leave, Nutter!” Mac seem to be at least the most awake as he shouted out “Gorgie Boy, are you still behind the sofa?”
no answer but there was a grunt as there was life at least, just at that a female put a hand above the sofa and waved, said “he’s here” then disappeared.


Chopper got up and wondered over to the window and looked out passed the not only torn net curtains but extremely dirty as well, looked down Mathew Street at the rain he could just about see the club where had spent the night enjoying the excitement of what was the bands first gig in the place that looked a bit dull and dowdy, a bit crammed for the amount of people that were there. But the thing was, they didn’t care because it was about the music, so they told themselves. On the other hand! Johnny surfaced again and said “How much did we get paid?” the voice from behind the sofa laughingly replied “We didn’t, the owner said it would be good for our career, and that’s why we could drink all the booze we wanted” Mac said “That’s all very well but there is only a certain amount of drink you can drink, I would like paid! Although it was a good party” and as the owner did let them stay over it seemed a deal breaker, of course that may have been that the crowds inside and out. It grid locked the whole of Mathew St. and the lane at the back, so nobody was going anywhere anyway. Not that there was that much to carry but it seemed as though it was safer to stay in than try to get out and anyway as Georgie Boy said “It was all for the best, the souvenir hunters were out in force last night” “Yea we know, someone took the wheels off the van” said Mac, Johnny jumped up and said “WHAT! So not only did we not get paid, but we now need new wheels?” “And number plates” Mac said quietly.
As the quartet started to get ready to face the day, the girls said their goodbyes and departed, which was just as well as Chopper knew that a quartet was four but didn’t know what a six was?
News came from the club owner that he would like them to play again that night. So Johnny said “OK” they all agreed! as they weren’t
going anywhere, anytime soon. But they wanted paid as a matter of principle, “Yea we want paid” said Mac, That, and the needed to buy a new set of wheels for the van!


So they were on for the second night in a row. Chopper had a feeling the night club owner thought the lads were foreigners as the only one he had spoken to was Johnny and he always talked in that German accent he does! Of course the boys had played abroad, that’s where Johnny had picked up the chat (he thought it was a laugh) Mac on the other hand was more ‘yer creative type‘ where as Georgie Boy just wouldn’t put down his guitar for a minute, it could be the reason that last night went so well. Even the club boss man was at the side of the stage before the gig ended, he was well over excited and shouting to the boys about doing the next show, but as he couldn’t be heard above the screams and racket it was no wonder he never got an answer to his offer, maybe then he would have heard the thick Northern accents and realised that they weren’t German, but who knows?
Chopper knew he would have to set up all that equipment again, then the sound check, the tuning, and the fact that Chopper was tone deaf and tuneless, this was the butt of the boy’s jokes, the thing that Chopper liked best was he got to hit the drums, but only before the drummer got there, he was very protective of his drums! Nobody knew where he was last night? What was very apparent was they were family and they were having the time of their lives. What they didn’t know was, the best of time of their life was still to come.
That night as per norm, the drummer was there as if he just knew, the second night was just as magic as the first. Johnny and Mac were on vocals as well as Guitar, while Georgie Boy on lead guitar and doing things with it that seemed impossible at the time. But all had a belief that they could make it and even the drummer Richie, who never said very much, agreed when Johnny used shout at the top of his voice “Where are we going lads?” they would all call back “To the top” Johnny would ask for clarity and say “How far?“ the band would yell even louder “To the very Top”
It was then Chopper realised that his love for a Rock n Roll lifestyle was high on his list but knew the timing would every-thing, he also kinda knew that a tuneful nature and some sort of rhythm might be handy but if he only had some, it would be good. As it worked out Chopper would get his claim to fame one day and as Andy Warhol said someday everyone will be famous for 15 minutes but in Choppers case it was measured in seconds, but it would be sweet and something to remember.


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